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How To Use FooView On The Camon 11 & 11 Pro

One of the things that makes the HiOS 4.1 on the Camon 11 and Camon 11 Pro unique and different from other custom UIs is the way it is able to embed some useful apps into the OS so you don’t have to download such apps again. On of such apps is the FooView. FooView is a floating app.

What Are Floating Apps?

Floating apps are apps that are used to quickly access other apps on a device at any time regardless of what you are doing or what page you are on. Floating apps remain on the screen and in some cases can be slightly hidden but do not completely disappear.

Why Is Foo View Different?

The FooView was formally named T-Point and it was later modified and upgraded. FooView is a carefully designed to work with the HiOS and therefore, you won’t experience the frequent crashing experienced on a lot of 3rd party apps. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with other devices or another custom OS. It does work and works well too.

Also, the FooView comes with a lot more functionality than other floating apps and is more fluid. The navigation is so fluid and efficient, you would really get addicted to it once you start using it.

How To Use The FooView?

The FooView is quite easy to use since it is pre-installed on the Camon 11 Pro. Just swipe down the navigation panel and click on FooView icon to activate it. Once it is activated, you would see the FooView app floating on the side of the screen.

How does FooView Work?

Once activated, you click and hold the floating icon to use it. Once you click and hold it, the full menu would appear. Still holding down, navigate various shortcuts by sliding across the screen. Please note that once you click and hold, you have to slide across the screen to navigate. The moment you take your hands off the screen, the menu closes.

So, What Are The Special Functions Present On FooView?

Apart the regular functions (Shortcut to different apps) present on the FooView, the app comes with some special features. Some of the special features are listed below:

Full Screenshot: The FooView app can be used to take screenshot. So, you now have more than enough method of taking screenshot on your device without stress.

Multiple Screenshot: This is much more than your regular screenshot. This feature allows you to take multiple screenshot at once. Once you take the first shot, just click on the + sign and scroll to another part of the page and take another. It would combine all the screenshots as one.

Screen Recorder: This function allows you to record your screen while using the device. Just slide the navigation to the Screen recorder and start recording. To stop the screen recording, just shake the device and the recording stops.

Image search: This is an easier method of searching. Just move the FooView icon over picture, pause for like 3 secs, then draw a line over the image. Then click on the search icon.

Share, Translate, Search: The FooView apps also allows you to share screenshots and videos instantly on your social media handles. You can also Translate words foreign words to your preferred language. Also, use screenshotted words as keywords for a search.

Create gif: You can create gif with a collection of pictures you crop out on the app or even convert a screen recorded video to a gif. After cropping/selecting/recording all the screenshot, pictures or videos, just click on the gif icon and it converts it to gif.



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