A dose of stinker message from an angry wife.
A dose of stinker message from an angry wife.
December 5, 2017
What’s your take on this dilemma? How should they resolve this issue?
December 19, 2017

A mother beats up teacher for flogging her child in school

beat up the teacher

A teacher flogged a student for being rude to her and the student in turn went home,

reported to her mum.

The mum came to the school and beat up the teacher.

Some blamed the teacher for beating the student in the first place and that she got what she deserved from the student’s mum while some supported the teacher,

claiming that a rude student deserves to be displined and that the mum was wrong to beat up the teacher.

We’ve probably all attended secondary schools in the past, what’s your take on this story?

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