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November 14, 2017
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November 21, 2017

Whose position do you support? – Life Changing Secret


A man attended his friend’s wedding and discovered that the lady the friend is about to get married to was a lady he had dated in the past,

had series of abortions with which affected her womb and ability to conceive again.

He kept quiet and years later the couple could not conceive and the husband got to know about the past of his wife with his friend.

The husband told the friend : “You should have told me about this on the day you discovered I was getting married to her, you are not a good friend”

The friend’s defence: ‘I could not disclose such to you when the wedding was just about 2hours to start and I believe there is nothing God can not do,

God can heal her so why should I distrupt the event because of the past. Also, your wife should be the one to tell you and am not to be blamed if she did not”‘

Whose position do you support?


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