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July 6, 2018
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July 6, 2018


infinix charger

Your device charger got stolen,  burnt or whatever the case which leading you to replace your charger.  Seems easy right!

Well, the next charger you might be getting might either charge or damage your device slowly. Here is why.

Chargers are the most essential accessories, your phone and chargers go hand in hand to complement one another.

So it’s often a very important decision to make while trying to get a new charger.


Here are things you need to note before getting a new Infinix Charger :

Every Charger is peculiar to a device

Every device model has their charger which they are compatible with, Zero 5 requires a greater demand of voltage due to their power

consumption likewise a Note 4 pro, you wouldn’t get the expected output using a charger with a lower voltage.

Voltage plays a key role

Its not rocket science to understand that a 2000mAh battery will demand less voltage to charge than a 4000mAh battery device.

The power requirement of your device should come to play when buying a new infinix charger.

It is most recommended that you  get a  replacement charger with the same voltage as the one which came with your device.

The requirement listed on your charger needs to match or exceed what is required by your device in other to charge effectively.

Quality is key

The quality of the charger used while charging your device matters a lot, it is important you buy genuine chargers from recognized after sales centers.

Carl care comes recommended as a recognized service center to get genuine Infinix chargers.

A counterfeit charger will do your device no good at the short or long run. Insist on quality always.



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