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Learn Important Use of Sexual lubricants
August 15, 2017
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September 18, 2017

W&M is an industry which owns billions dollar value

sex toys

W&M is an industry which owns billions dollar value, sex toys can be roughly divided into condom,

lubricant, sex lingerie and etc. Sex toys have tremendous improvements in treating sexual apathy person,

sexual dysfunction men, and couples who cannot have frequent, close and direct sex. What’s more,

with sex toys, the possibility of being infected with HIV is largely reduced.

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W&M is committed to offering innovative sex products and solutions, allowing people to enjoy a more

healthy life and bringing family more happiness.


W&M currently has flavoured body lubricant, multi-functional vibrator penis, wireless love eggs,

emulational penis, masturbation cup, sex lingerie, and etc.

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As the first company to focus on providing Nigerians with a healthy sex life, W&M is customer-oriented,

and building a bright future for all human.


W&M, your sex partner!


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