October 18, 2018
Is TECNO Mobile Launching a Phone with an 18-Karat Gold?
TECNO Mobile Launching a Phone with an 18-Karat Gold
October 23, 2018

Learn How to upgrade the  [XOS] system by T card

Learn How to upgrade the [XOS] system by T card
T card  software upgrade

Learn How to upgrade the  [XOS] system by T card

What it is T card upgrade?

T card upgrade is an upgrade method that does not lose any data.
By operating the software package of the T card it can reach the goal.

Before operation

Before the specific operation, you need to complete the following preparations:
1.Your infinix  mobile phone power in more than 30%
2. A T card, the capacity is greater than the T card pack three times the size
3.The phone has already written the IMEI number(In the dial pad, enter “* # 06 #” to view)

Getting started

Please note the red mark of the picture
1.Transfer the T card upgrade package to the T card
2.Enter the upgrade interface: “Settiings”–“About Phone ” 
3.Click the “System Update” to enter the upgrade interface


4. Select “Local Update”
5. Then the page will jump to the bottom of the interface, showing your T card storage situation

6. Click on your T card and the following prompt appears. Be careful to read carefully and decide whether or not to upgrade

6. Continue to select “Install“, wait about 10 minutes after the phone restart

7.  After restarting your phone, you already completed upgrade system successfully

If you see here and try to do it, congratulations and you have a very useful skill!



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