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October 25, 2017
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November 1, 2017

A woman lies to her husband for 13 years “I did it to cover your shame”

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A couple could not conceive after three years of marriage due to some medical issue on the path of the husband.

They kept getting treatments, got involved in several prayer sessions.

The wife eventually conceived and over four years they had three kids.

13years later the man found out the kids were not his as his wife had made him to believe.

Her excuse: I did it to cover your shame.
What should the man do? Is the wife justified or not?

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  1. Emmanuel Benson says:

    Oboi this ain’t a sham coverage it’s definitely a shame postponement so lady “WEH DONE MA” and nobody does this shit and then claims this…………… Man my advice is just get your life on and move forward…

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