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July 10, 2018
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July 12, 2018


What phone did you take pictures with? Does this question strike a bell?

Many people have asked me about this, when! Right after I inform them that the photo was shot using a mobile.

Taking quality photos with your device is not rocket science, it only requires a bit of skill and some creativity.

Here is some creative process when shooting photos on your mobile device:

Identify the moment

This doesn’t have to happen at the perfect time, place or mood, the most important thing is to live it all up and express your self to the camera.

Relishing that moment alone or with family or friends is the first step to taking a natural creative photo.

Use Grids

Using Grids while shooting photos aligns images perfectly. Not every photo looks good when the subject is at the center. Sometimes,

framing the subject a little to the left or to the right could come out better.

Use the lowest ISO (whenever possible)

Using the lowest ISO, whenever possible, helps in increasing the sharpness of the picture. Also, that helps in reducing the grain on the photo. But, keep in mind that using lower ISO means less light coming in.

Trial and Error

You would probably not get the perfect shot straight away. You might have to try multiple times, with different framing, and different settings (if using Pro Mode)!

The timing of the day matters

So, can you capture the moon at midday? No, we can’t. Some shots would look good only during a certain time.

Use the Pro Mode

Even if you are a beginner, try to use the pro mode. You might mess up the settings the first time you use it. But, after understanding how it settings work, you will love to use it.

Edit your pictures

This depends on your personal preference, and how you would like to have your photos. The best photos might be unedited, but editing them to suit our satisfactions creates the difference. Apps like Photoshop, Snapseed and even the basic edit function in your device can leverage upon to bring out your creativity.

Like we said earlier, achieving breathtaking selfies is not as hard as a man going to the mood but an extra skill makes the difference and gives your friends reasons to ask What did you take that picture with?






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