October 24, 2018
HOT 6X Full Specification—See All At Once
October 29, 2018

A smartphone that can help you see absolutely anything

A smartphone that can help you see absolutely anything, even in X-Ray vision.

What could Infinix be plotting with their next release?

2018 has been rather exciting within the smartphone consumer market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole with brands

always looking to put their best and most creative foot forward releasing smartphones that are a combination of technological

innovation and features that represent top-notch quality.

One smartphone brand that has constantly pushed itself beyond the limits to create something out of the ordinary is Infinix Mobility.

This year has seen the elite smartphone brand release one revolutionary smartphone brand,

referencing the indigenous rapper Olamide “From the Hot S3 to the Note 5 stylus, every single smartphone was a hit,

back to back” and from the looks of it, they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


How do I mean?

Informants have gathered that Infinix Mobility could be ready to release another smartphone soon.

Not just any smartphone, but this particular device is rumored to be coming with a set of features that could help its user see absolutely everything,

even project imagery in X-Ray vision!

Yes, X-Ray vision!

The mere thought of this rumoured device being a reality is mindboggling and would serve as proof of Infinix literally setting themselves way over the competition.

This Infinix smartphone is speculated to emanate from the Hot series (exact market name still unknown) and be coming with dual rare cameras, a selfie with an automated technology, bright screen display, HD+ resolution, the latest android operating system, battery life that can last up to 2 days on a single charge, large internal space that is further expandable through a micro SD card and amazing speakers.

This next Infinix smartphone is also said to be coming with a unique feature that can be found on the Infinix Hot S3X.

What could it be? We certainly hope there’s some level of truth to this rumour as a device like this will alter all we know and have termed as normalcy within the smartphone industry.

Check out images of the next rumored Infinix smartphone



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