A man and lady about to get married have an unresolved issue
October 24, 2017
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A woman lies to her husband for 13 years “I did it to cover your shame”
October 31, 2017

A man confessed to his wife about a fraud he committed at his place of work


A man confessed to his wife that the money he has being spending on cars,

shopping etc for the family was from fraud he committed at his current place of work to the tune of N50m.

The same fraud that an innocent colleague of his is currently serving 2 years jail term.

Should the wife turn him in or ignore like nothing happened or WHAT?
What will you do if you were in the position of the wife?

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  1. Adeyemi Adeleye says:

    Should I be the Wife, I won’t turn him in but enjoined him to repent of his shady deals and he also should never return to fraud

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