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September 27, 2018
September 28, 2018

9 Best Free And Paid Android Platforms To Watch Your Favorite TV Series

Free And Paid Android Platforms To Watch Your Favorite TV Series

Movies streaming is the latest trend of nowadays, in a few years, we saw that a huge majority move to the online streaming and leave old fashioned cable tv for always.

Old fashioned cable TV lacks many things and looks boring where you have to wait for months to watch any latest released movies.

And the biggest disturbance which ruins the entertainment is the advertisements, which come again & again after some interval.

But the online streaming is really cool with some really existing features which you not gona find in cable TV.

Even the biggest advantage of now days streaming is you can watch movies & TV episodes anywhere & anytime.

Today we all are busy and not having so much of free time where we can easily seat to our home to finish a movie of around 2+ hours.

if you are having a smartphone with you then you just need to install any streaming apps which fascinate you, and that is it for your anytime entertainment.

Below we are going to provide a list of 9 our best picked free & paid streaming services for Android. Please note,

some streaming services are limited to some specific countries so availability depends on your country where you live.




Type of License: Paid

Maybe you will be amazed after finding that Netflix is originally founded by Reed Hastings & Marc Randolph in 1997 California. Many think it is a brand new company,

but it is the streaming industry for years.

Netflix is nowadays one of the most popular streaming services which allow streaming service in Android as well as the user,  can access it by a web browser or on IOS.

it provides their services in around 190 countries. The app contains movies in many different languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, and many other foreign languages.

Here at the app, you can you watch movies, TV series and many Netflix original content. The streaming service can be easily accessed to the smart TV, Chomecast, Roku,

Firestick, and other devices.

But yes the app is a premium application where you have to pay monthly subscription amount to access to service. Their subscription is divided between different plans,

the highest plans will cost you $13.99 per month.

Redbox TV

Type of License: Free

If you can not afford to pay a monthly subscription for just watching live tv then you must download & install the Redbox TV app to your Android smartphone.

Having the app on your device can let you access over 1000+ TV channels in more than 6 languages for free. You can not find the app on the playstore,

you have to visit any apk download sites to download the Redbox TV.


Type of License: Paid

if you are looking for any diverse application for streaming service then you must go with the HULU.

it is also an affordable streaming service where you can enjoy some old content like anime, movies, films and some other stuff.

There is one more service provided by the Hulu where you can get access for live TV by paying $39.99 per month. In this subscription of $39.99 per month,

you will get access to the Hulu Live TV, as well as other usual Hulu stuff.

Even if you want to extend the service, then you can do it by paying some extra money.

If you are doubtful that you should buy the subscription or not then we will recommend you to take the trial of the service first.


Type of License: Free

It is online free movies and Tv shows streaming application which does not require any kind of subscription to stream or download videos for free.

The app provides videos in full Hd quality, you can download videos in up to 1080PX.

The best part is app contains all of the latest released movies & TV shows.

Even every week latest released film of the week add to the app so always you have the option to watch fresh content.

Amazon Prime Video

Type of License: Paid

Amazon Prime video is also a great streaming service run and managed by the Amazon which is a popular e-commerce company.

If you buy the Amazon prime video subscription you get much more than just access to the video streaming.

It also makes you eligible for the amazon prime 2 days guaranteed delivery, music streaming, and cloud storage.

If you can afford to pay little more than Amazon Prime video can be a great choice which gives you more in comparison to the others



Type of License: Paid

If you are a big fan of HBO content and want to watch all of the HBO series at one place then you HBO Now can be best for that audience.

But if we compare $14.99 per month changes to the others streaming service then HBO Now is a little bit expensive.

If you are the member of the HBO Now paid subscription then you can share your account with three other members.

Sony Crackle

Type of License: Free

If you are searching for any good streaming application on the Google play store for your Android device then you can find

Sony Crackle which will let your stream some amazing TV Shows and Movies online for free. Sony Crackle is the service by

Sony Entertainment so we can expect some amazing content on the app.

Because the app is free you do not need to spend a penny.

Tubi TV

Type of License: Free

Tubi TV also comes with the free license which can be easily downloaded from the Google Playstore.

The app contains some amazing content which can not be found on any other streaming application.

Also, the app contains some really amazing classic content on the app without any kind of subscription.



Type of License: Free

According to the app Snagflims they are having around 5000+ movies which is growing rapidly with the time.

The app contains movies from the different region like Bollywood, English, Spanish and more.

The app is having also a good collection of unreleased movies, TV shows, and short documentaries.

And the fun part is SnagFilms contain many gay & lesbian content.


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